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Problems with Manufactured Homes

Manufactured homes have many of the same problems in their crawl spaces as do stick built homes. These include standing water problems, poor drainage, contaminated or old ineffective insulation in the floor, mold and allergens and rodent infestation. Most manufactured homes do not have a standard crawl space in that very few are built on a foundation. Most are installed above ground and are supported by concrete pier blocks and/or concrete runners and tied down from there. Typically the perimeter of the home is surrounded by a “skirt”. The skirt provides a finished look to the home as well as a deterrent to rodents and other unwanted animals.

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Some of the typical problems we see in manufactured home crawl spaces are:

  • Inadequate skirting around the home providing many access points for rodents and animals

  • Dryer venting directly in the crawl causing higher humidity levels

  • Excess construction debris – especially wood, cardboard or other organic material in contact with the ground

  • Inadequate vapor barrier

  • Torn belly wrap and contaminated insulation – This leaves the home exposed to outdoor air that robs energy in both winter and summer.

  • Inadequate drainage

  • Plumbing pipes that are not insulated

Of all the aforementioned problems, the greatest of these is that the skirting is often times not very effective in keeping rodents and other animals from nesting under their home. Rodents can burrow their way through the factory installed belly wrap (this is usually a fiberboard or 10mil... Read More

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