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Doesn’t full encapsulation cost more?

Not necessarily. Remember you’ve eliminated the need for floor insulation and typically that is one of the major expenses in crawl space restoration process. We offer crawl space services that include everything from fully heated encapsulation to the more traditional installation of a basic vapor barrier on the floor. Whichever you choose, the result is always a clean crisp crawl space that eliminates odors and provides a cleaner environment for your home.

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What is full encapsulation and is this right for my home?

This is a process in which the entire crawl space area is sealed. The foundation vents are blocked and the entire foundation wall is covered with rigid insulated Styrofoam board and is then taped at the seams. The foam board is an insulator with an R value of 13. The entire crawl space floor and foundation walls are covered with a polyethylene vapor barrier designed for the crawl space environment. The vapor barrier is taped at the seams using a UV resistant polyethylene tape so that no moisture can pass from the ground to your home.

The concept is based on something called “the stack effect.” This is a natural phenomenon of constant movement of air through the house. Essentially warm air rises and finds its way to escape into the upper areas of a house and then outside. As the warm air leaves the building, cool air rushes in through... Read More

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