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My home has unusually high humidity. Can you help?

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We measure humidity levels and temperature in your crawl space using a Hygrometer. If your crawl space suffers from high humidity levels we start with doing everything we can to get rid of the water. Next we install a vapor barrier that is fully sealed. This will have a significant impact on the levels of humidity in your crawl space. If there is still higher than normal levels of humidity we can install a dehumidifier. These devices cycle the air inside the crawl through a simple evaporator that draws out the water vapor from the air and channels it to a drain before it can do any harm to your home. These can be very useful tools and are not cost prohibitive.

If your home does need a dehumidifier we will leave you with your own Hygrometer with a remote control. We will install it in your crawl and it will transmit the readings into your living room providing temperature and humidity levels. This will allow you to keep an eye on whatís going on down there without having to actually go down there and make adjustments accordingly.

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